PET - X - CELL -  Ingredients


Q 1 - What are the ingredients in PET - X - CELL  ?


A -  Link shows Supplemental Facts with detail.

       You will notice the detail indicates “74 Trace minerals”, our proprietary formula,   

       all the minerals required by the body in their correct proportions to each other,  

       which are not required to be listed on the label, for our protection,

       but is on file with the appropriate agencies. They have that information.


Q 2 - How many Scoops should I give my pet per day ?


A -  We don’t make declarations, however, "Observational Results" is a collection of

      results provided based on 100 pounds, showing how many scoops they took

      daily for their conditions. These are not claims nor declarations, but it gives a

      baseline to start from.

                     If your pet is 50 pounds, then a scoop equals 2 servings.

                     If your pet is 20 pounds, then a scoop equals 5 servings

     The Link:      


      Many people gave their pets higher dosages and showed faster results.

      Some people chose to give their pets more than what was on the chart

      and found faster results.


      One person with 4th recurrent brain cancer took 14 scoops per day.

      She started 8/8/11.        A month later, 9/8/11 – no evidence of cancer.


      A 20 year old guy was diagnosed with guy with leukemia. WBC was 37, up to

     10.3 is normal. He was given no hope. He chose to take 30 Scoops (servings)

      entire kit, daily. In 4 days, tests showed “ NO EVIDENCE OF LEUKEMIA

      WBC was 9.4.   After that, he weaned down to 2 scoops daily maintenance.


      We have seen many similar cases. 


      We have seen "No Evidence" of any negative side effects.


      We have seen complaints of diarrhea or stomach upset, which most cases were

      due to how they mixed it.


  a.  Blending too long will cause a lot of air bubbles,

       which can bloat the stomach and cause discomfort.

       If you use very short pulses –    zip, zip, zip, zip… etc, less air bubbles


  b.  Some people mix it and let it sit for at least 3 hours in the refrigerator,

       some make it the night before, leave it in the refrigerator,

       this causes the bubbles to break down, releasing the oxygen in the bubbles.


  c.  Mixing in only water can cause a gassy/bloated situation.


       Mixing half with milk can reduce the gas. You can choose different juices or


       liquids to achieve the desired taste.


  d.  Our first choice is milkwe sometimes add juice to the milk.

  e.  Instead of liquid, mix in cereal, oatmeal, farina.



Q 3 - Why the Cod Liver Oil, and how much do I take ?


A -  Cod Liver Oil (CLO) is part of the formula, 3 CLO gelcaps provide the

       requirements per scoop/Serving. If you take 2 scoops, then take 6 CLO gelcaps.


       The other nutritional benefits, include Vitamin A, D & Omegas,

                  in addition to the many nutritional benefits.  


       The bottle is matched with the main bottle, 90 gelcaps per bottle, 30 servings     

       times 3 gelcaps per serving equals 90. Go to the Supplemental Facts for detail:





Q 4 - Does  PET - X - CELL  contain SUGAR ?


A - There is no sugar added. Some flavor ingredients have naturally occurring sugar.

      Stevia is an herb, used to mask the bitter taste in Milk Thistle & Shark Cartilage.


      Go to the link:  shows "0" sugar.




Q 5 - What sweeteners do you have in the mixture ?


A -  The sweeteners are used only in the flavored powder.


      Purpose :

       To mask the bitterness of Milk Thistle & Shark Cartilage


       Stevia is used in all forms of CELLECT, Capsules, Unflavored and Flavored.  


       Xylitol, Fibersol and Sucralose are only in Flavored.


       The purpose is to mask the strong tart taste of the Milk Thistle and Shark

       Cartilage. We use a few grains of Xylitol (naturally found in fruit), Fibersol

       (naturally found in Corn F+iber – non GMO), Stevia ( an herb with sweet taste,

        is not sugar), and Sucralose.


       That combination counter-acts the bitterness of the Milk Thistle and

                          Shark Cartilage, but not used as a sweetener.




Q 6 -  How is Sucralose used in the formula ?


A -  Some people ask about "Sucralose" because of the Single Chlorine attached,

      like a salt compound, where salt is NaCl, a sodium and chlorine compound.

      Sucralose is a real glucose with one Chlorine Element (like Salt).


      This allows you to taste the sweetness of the glucose, but the one atom

      of the chlorine prevents the body from digesting that sugar molecule.


      Therefore the glucose is not absorbed by the body,

      does not affect the body’s biochemistry nor glucose levels.


      There is "0" toxicity, we only use a tiny amount anyway. If there were any

      concerns, we would never use it .




Q 7 - Is their SOY or MSG in the mixture ?


A -  There is no Soy of any kind & no MSG of any kind. Soy breaks down into MSG, 

       and soy Lecithin has the protein removed to prevent soy from becoming MSG,

                     the most that can be removed from the protein is 70%.

                    Therefore, Soy Lecithin still provides at least 30% MSG




Q 8 - The label says "Natural Flavors" what are you hiding ?


A -  Many companies hide ingredients using the term: Natural Flavors.           

                          We are using the term appropriately.

    The flavors we use are the actual natural flavors of the ingredients in their correct

    natural state with no enhancers, preservatives, nor chemicals of any kind. 




Q 9 - How many scoops do people normally take ?


A -  "Observational Results" reflects the average amounts people have reported to  

       us that they have taken for their condition to get the results they were looking for,

       it is a baseline, not strict guidelines.


       Many people have taken a lot more scoops because

       they felt better faster and saw results faster.


       Many people take between 8 – 10 scoops daily, they experienced more

       dramatic results. Some took 15 daily. Some took an entire container daily and

       experienced extremely fast results, great improvements with no toxic effects

       nor side effects, only had positive results. After they showed no evidence of

       cancer, they then weaned down to a few scoops daily as maintenance.


                These are observations reported to us, not declarations.  


 The link:  



Q 10 - Will taking large amounts become toxic ?


A -  It will not become toxic because the ingredients are all matched in proportion    

       to what the body is looking for, therefore the body uses it.


       If you take an overdose of one item, like vitamin E, 

       then the huge amount is no longer in proportion to the rest of the body's

       chemistry, then it will become toxic and cause the blood to thin. 


      Because the formula is all the minerals in their correct proportion to each other

      within the body, regardless of the volume, the minerals are still

                     in the correct proportion that the body is looking for.


      As a result, the body uses it correctly. Therefore, there is no toxic nor overdose

      conditions. The high amounts are all working together because all the

      chemistry relationships are in their correct proportions.


      This causes corrected electromagnetic fields to cause the correct metabolism &

      resolutions within the body. 



Q 11 - Does it matter whether I take all the scoops at the same time at one sitting,

                                             or do I need to space it out ?


A -  Most people spread the scoop amounts evenly through - out the day,

                      Some take all scoops all at one time.


       We interpret that spreading it out evenly throughout the day is best for even

                         dispersion throughout the day.


      Some people do not have a choice where that are forced to take their daily

      amount at the same time daily, and, they have seen similar great results.


            Therefore, we are not sure if it makes any difference.




Q 12 - How much liquid do I mix the powder in ?


A -  Liquid amount is typically about 3 - 4 ounces per scoop.

       If you mix 2 scoops ( servings) 6 - 8 ounces of liquid


       If you mix more that 2 scoops, simply mix to the

       texture that works best and tastes best for your pet.


       There is no right or wrong amount, Simply,

       trial and error to see which way works best for your pet




Q 13 - What liquid do I mix the powder in ?


A -  Commonly is water, but blending it can cause air bubbles with water and cause

      a gassy stomach. If your pet shows discomfort,

      look back to see how you mixed it and what you mixed it in. 

      If mixed in a blender, do not mix for long period,

                                                      just Pulse, Pulse, Pulse, 3 or 4 times. 


   a.  Blending too long can cause a lot of air bubbles, which can bloat the stomach

        and cause discomfort. 

        If you use very short pulses – zip, zip, zip, zip - etc, less air bubbles


   b.  Some people mix it and let it sit for at least 3 hours in the refrigerator,

        some make it the night before and leave it in the refrigerator,

        this causes the bubbles to break down and release the oxygen in the bubbles.

   c.  Mixing in only water can cause a grassy/bloated situation,

                  making your pet feel very uncomfortable.


        Mixing half with milk can reduce the gas.


        Your pet might like different juices or liquids to achieve the desired taste.


   d.  We find that most prefer all milk, some like to add juice to the milk.

        Your pet might like that too.



Q 14 - How do I mix it ?


A -  There are various blenders, do blend more than a second each time, like

      pulsing, 3 to 4 times to prevent creating gas.

      Running the blender too long can cause too many air bubbles & cause bloating. 

      Some people mix it earlier & let it sit at least 3 hours or overnight, which allows

      the bubbles to diminish & allow the "Gritty bottom" (tiny solid particles at the

      bottom) appearance to dissolve & become smooth.


      Most people do not care about the gritty look, as it does not affect the taste



Q 15 - After mixing, I see "Gritty" sediment at the bottom, is that OK ??


A -  There is nothing wrong, that is just part of the mix.

                                                                       It is a solid form of the ingredients.


      However, if you mix it and let it sit for at least 3 hours, overnight is even better.


      If you mix the night before, let it sit in the refrigerator. Then after the 3 hours or

      overnight, it will be nice & smooth with no grit, bubbles will reduce, or disappear,

      giving a nice smooth taste.



Q 16 – Any recipes or suggestions to make it different ?   


A -  You can be creative, mix with:

                      Different Fruits

                      Tasty Vegetables

                      Ice cream



        A long list of ideas.




Q 17 - How is the  PET - X - CELL available & what flavors ?


A -  Available – Powder

           30 servings per container, Includes matching bottle of Cod Liver Oil gelcaps:

     1.  Capsules - 25 Capsules per serving

     2.  Powder - one scoop per serving:

                  a.  Capsules  

                  b.  Unflavored

                  c.  Vanilla

                  d.  Chocolate

                  e.  Strawberry

       Separate Flavor Packets are also available

                                   to mix interesting combinations.  


Q 18 - How can I order the  PET - X - CELL ?


A -  The link to order : 




Q 19 - How can I contact a  PET - X - CELL  representative ?


A -  Contact Link :

             Monday – Friday  10 AM – 6 PM

                      Phone:  631-509-5316