Pets who take PET-X-CELL


This Page in under construction as we work on creating it.

After we get it set up, we will continue to add more as time continues.

      This page has Cute Pet Videos. These pets take PET-X-CELL and love it. 


    1.  Baron LOVES his minerals

         While he is laying under the chair, my mom makes the mineral mix. 

         He gets up when he hears the blender start up, his tail is wagging and he

         is drooling as he is walking towards her.

         He drinks it up and then goes back to lay down when he is finished. 



    2.  Augie, Yellow Lab, diagnosed with Bone and Skin Cancer, given no hope.

         The pictures show April 7 the massive lesions all over his body.

         5 weeks later, May 12, his 12th birthday, they lesions cleared up and he was

         gaining weight back, and he was feeling great.

         He wore the bottle as a Birthday Hat on May 12

         2 videos: Previously, he could hardly walk, the vet wanted to put him down.

          May 12 - Augie was running around the back yard with his stick.

          May 31 - Memorial Day weekend, he was swimming and jumping off the dock

                         going after his stick in the water.

          Link:   shows comparison pictures and the 2 videos