Various Pets

                               This page has Cute Pet Videos from the internet.


    Dog teaches baby "Fetch the Ball" :

   Big Dogs Play with Babies:

   Airport Dogs Deliver Lost Items:

   Don't Stop Petting me:

   Puppy tries to reclaim bed from Cat:

   Don't Stop:

   Lion and Kevin Richardson:

   Cats Playing:

   Baby Ducks See Water for the first time:

   Really Cute and Funny:    Smart Dog Drives Smart Car - YouTube


   Difference dogs cats stairs  -

   Dogs say GRACE Before Dinner:

   Mom dog teaches puppy stairs:

    Chihuahua born with no shoulders:

Dog Imitates police siren:

   Cat takes care of ducklings:


   Reuniting with Lion Cub after many years:

   Meeting babies 1st time:

   Beautiful Videos of Nature:

   Cats verses Dogs:

   Black Lab and Elephant:

   Funny Guilty Cats:

   Dog knows how to use the toilet:

   20 Wonderful things about dogs: