Mission  Statement 



             To help give an understanding of most health-related diseases and conditions,          

                                                        including cancer,

                      with a different approach as an assistance to conventional methods.


      It is common to treat pain to provide relief  * * *  Proper research helps find the cause. 


                           The strategy of research is based on:  

  1.                                    - Define the problem.


  1.   - Determine the components of the problem.


  1.                               - Develop a strategy to resolve the problem. 


  1.       - pursue that strategy to resolve the problem

                     Currently, most health-related diseases and conditions, including cancer,                     

                                         have not been properly defined, therefore,

                         the strategy of its resolution has yet to be properly confirmed.


           Currently, conventional treatments involve treating symptoms rather than cause.

 Although symptoms may no longer be detectable upon completion of conventional treatment,

                            the cause has not been resolved, extinguished nor corrected.


      Therefore, the cause will continue to produce or affect a different area because the body

     as a whole continues to support the biochemistry that supports the incorrect environment

         for the body, but correct for the cancerous and non-cancerous conditions to continue.


 Our research is based on the foundation that you and your pet’s body are a chemistry pool of

                                  Action Causing Reaction


                          Most health-related diseases and conditions, including Cancer,

    are the body's response to an upset or change in the biochemistry environment in the body,

                                      altering the “Electromagnetic Fields” in the body,

           which alters the pH (pH is an indicator, not a goal) affecting the ECO SYSTEM.


                               This causes a change in the Cause and Effect cycle,

        altering the DNA instructions, causing the body to manufacture  MUTATIONS.

 The typical cause is the incorrect proportions of all the minerals in the body to each other,

                    causing frequencies to have incorrect relationships and reactions,

          causing the incorrect reactions, domino effects and incorrect DNA expression,

                   providing incorrect instructions for cell and chemistry manufacture.


                         As a result, the body develops incorrect cells and chemistries,

                        which is referred to as   CANCER CELL   or   DISEASE   or

                   various illness identifications, acclimate to the incorrect environment.


                     Upon balancing the environment by providing all, not just some,

                            all the minerals in their correct proportions to each other,

                then the domino effects correct themselves, pH naturally corrects itself,

        DNA expression is now correct, the correct cells & chemistries are manufactured.


     The previously manufactured cells and chemistries made in the incorrect environment

            can no longer survive, they die by their own starvation, no surgery, no chemo,

               no radiation, no toxic treatments. Meanwhile, the normal cells thrive once

         again because the correct electromagnetic fields and nutrition have been restored.


               Because there are groups with false promises for their own financial gain,

      we have been determined to help people & their pets with cancer & non-cancer at no

      consultation cost to them in an effort to make sure that they understand our goal is to

     keep them alive and well, & to educate them to help prepare them to improve their life.


            There will be a few people & pets that we will not be able to help reverse their

     unhealthy conditions, however, our observations show that they gain a better quality,

 duration, & less painful period in their life, thus affording them to enjoy an improved life.


   In the future, our website will include many links in effort to create an awareness center

      to include education, links to other cancer and health sites, chat line, humor, stories,

        motivation, financial advice and links, pharmacy advice and links, the list goes on.


         A wellness center is being created in effort to help educate, as doctors and other

     licensed experts of various fields are volunteering their time to strengthen our efforts.


                            Our efforts have helped the resolution of most types of

                                            cancer and non-cancerous conditions.

                                               Observational Results include:


  Pancreatic, Liver, Breast, Ovarian, Cervical, Prostate, Colon, Lung, Lymphatic and Brain.


                       Basically every type of cancer has responded to our programs.


   We are encouraged by the success rates of greater than 90% and anticipate rapid growth.


                     There is never a consultation fee to any person or pet that we help.

                   Observational Results


                                     includes the list of   Non-Cancerous   conditions. 


                  We have learned that this program has helped to alleviate the symptoms

                                        of the following conditions in people and pets:


  Acid Reflux                    ADD / ADHD            AIDS                        Alcohol


  Allergies                         Aneurysm                  Anxiety                    Arthritis

  Asperger's                      Asthma                       Autism                     Autonomic

       Syndrome                                                                                            Disorders

  Back/Joint Pain             Bi-Polar                      Bursitis                    Candida Yeast

  Chemical Poisoning      Cholesterol                 Chronic Fatique     Cirrhosis

  Colds and Flu                Colitis                          Crohn's Disease      Cyst / Fibroids

  Diabetes                          Diverticulosis             Down's Syndrome   Drug Addiction

  Eczema                           ED                               Endurance               Epstein Bar

  Fibroids                          Fibromyalgia              Fungus - Nail          Glaucoma

  Gout                                Graves Disease           Guillian Barre         Hair Growth

  Headaches                      Hearing Loss              Heart Conditions    Hemorrhoids 

  Hormonal Balance        Huntington's               Hypertention           Infertility

  Inflammatory                 Injuries                       Irritable Bowel        Joint Pain 

  Kidney Stones                Leg Cramps                Lung Disease           Lung Nodules

  Lupus                              Lymes                          Lymphoma              Manic Depression 

  Mental Clarity               Metal Poisoning          Multiple                   Multiple

                                                                                     Conditions               Sclerosis

  Nail Weakness                Neck Pain                    Neurological           Neuropathy 


  Osteoporosis                   Ovarian                        Pancreatitis            Parasitic

                                                 Conditions                                                   Conditions

  Parkinson's                     PMS & Related           Poisoning                Polyps

  Pregnancy                       Psoriasis                       Renal Failure         Rheumatoid


  Sciatica                            Shingles                        Sinus                    Skin Tags

  Sprains                            Strength                        Stress                   Strokes

  Throat Nodules              Thyroid                         Tiredness -           Toe Nail Fungus


  Tooth Pain                      Trauma                         Viral Disorders   Weight loss